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artist spotlight: scott dunbar's one man band

Scott Dunbar is not you're average musician. While most cats are clamoring for studio time, Scott would rather sit at the park and kick his suitcase.

Writing, singing and playing. That's what he believes musicians should be concerned with. Not finding the perfect pitch, recording the best take, or organizing your upcoming show schedule. Just focus on your craft.

As a dude that's moderately creative, I can appreciate that approach. Hit the jump for a few of my favorite tracks, some dope live performances and some exclusive MP3s.

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I saw a few videos of this cat a few months back. It was nothing too crazy, or overly impressive. Looking to keep pace with the ever-moving internets, I simply disregarded Mr. Dunbar as nothing more than a random street performer. Shame on me.

Now... my hetero love affair with all things MJ has never been a secret. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Dunbar doing an impromptu rendition of "Billie Jean" on the streets of Montreal.

Below you will find his most recent performances, which also happen to be my favorite. As always, captured by the all-mighty Flip Cam.

Pretty awesome, right? I believe the emotion and energy behind a performance often tells the true character of an artist. This dude unquestionably puts everything he has into these ballads. You have to love that.

After some detective work, I was able to cook up an exclusive brew of audio. Below you'll find some audio dope that you won't find anywhere else.

live street performances:

Scott Dunbar - Tin Foil Hat (Live)
Scott Dunbar - Wood Wheel (Live Cover)
Scott Dunbar - Billie Jean (Live Cover)

early recordings:

Scott Dunbar - Tin Foil Hat
Scott Dunbar - Dance Like a Devil
Scott Dunbar - Rocking Chair

He may not be the next big thing, but homie has talent. Be sure to hit him up on myspace (whatever that is), and leave a kind word.


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