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put you on game: the kickdrums

Matt Penttila and Alex Fitts have been doing this music thing for a while.

While America's youth is out buying skinny jeans and sending tweets, these dudes have been on their grizzly producing tracks for hip-hop's elite and composing joints for their own indie project.

Unfortunately most folks have never even heard of them. Let me take this opportunity to formally introduce you all. Meet The Kickdrums.

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Not hating, but I've never considered Cleveland to have much of a hip-hop scene. When someone mentions Cleveland I think of Major League II and Drew Carrey. Not 808s and MCs.

Outside of Bone Thugs, Ohio has never really offered much to the hip-hop community. Gauging the recent success of their collabs with fellow locals like Ray Cash, Kid Cudi and Chip tha Ripper... I think these boys from the midwest might be well on their way to changing that.

I won't do much to sell you on these cats, I'll let the product speak for itself. But you'll be hard-pressed to find another duo that can match the versatility of these cats. Their live instruments give the beats some knock and some soul, while their knack for song writing draws you in and gets you singing along.

I'm not gonna front, you can catch me on 121 getting my Tony Bennett on while "Things Work Out" plays. Hell, I might just swag surf.

As I stated above, what I appreciate most about The Kickdrums is their versatility. I've taken the liberty to upload an assortment of tracks that I feel deserve a listen from everyone.

Give these tracks a spin, you won't be disappointed. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Shout to Matt and Alex for lacing me with the (exclusive) acoustic version of "Things Work Out" .. joint is nice.

for the club:

The Kickdrums - Love is a Drug (Left/Right Remix)
Bone - Thuggish Ruggish Drums (Kickdrums Remix)
Kanye West vs MGMT vs Justice (Kickdrums Mashup)

The Kickdrums - Fading in and Out ft Kid Cudi (DJ Class Refix)

for the crib:

The Kickdrums - Things Work Out
The Kickdrums - Fading in and Out
The Kickdrums - Just a Game

The Kickdrums - Things Work Out (Live Acoustic)

for the whip:

Chamillionaire - Pop the Trunk ft Yung Joc (produced by The Kickdrums)
Kid Cudi - TGIF ft Chip tha Ripper (produced by The Kickdrums)
Kanye West - Good Morning ft Big Sean (Kickdrums Remix)

Slaughterhouse - Move On


The Kickdrums - Smash the System
The Kickdrums & The League - Things Don't Change

As you can see, their work spans genres in a way that you don't see often enough nowadays. Good music deserves recognition and The Kickdrums have been blessing us with some great material.

Peep the video for "When I Come Down" below.

In addition to their mixtape projects, The Kickdrums have recently released their "Just a Game EP" available now via onSmash or iTunes.

Peep the trailer for the "Just a Game EP" below.

Not much else for me to say. I'm a fan.

You might not like 100% of their catalog... but I guarantee this post has something for you. Spend some time with The Kickdrums and let me know what you think in the comments.


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