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sneak peek: air jordan xi space jam v2

Back up in this bitch with the resurrection.

Before the Breds, there were the Columbias. Before the Columbias, there were the Concords. But before hypebeasts were around to attach a lame moniker to every model, there were only the Space Jams.

With the upcoming re-release, I thought it was only fair to give these joints the spotlight they deserve. Hit the jump for a bit of history and some exclusive detail shots of the kicks and ill packaging.

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I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say the Air Jordan XI is one of the flyest sneakers of all time. I tend to kick it old school with shell toes and Jordan III's, but I can't deny the dopeness of the XI.

Back when folks just called them "the patent leathers", the AJXI were considered the most futuristic sneakers to ever grace the shelves. I remember being in 5th grade and seeing the White/Carolina joints at Foot Locker for the first time. I was blown away.

This was way back when I lived in San Angelo, Texas and every high-end sneaker was gang-related. Hell, I was lucky to scoop a pair of Reeboks without getting jumped.

But I'll be damned if that trip to the mall didn't change me for life. Thus began my fascination with the sneaker culture. Though my interest in sneakers has waned over the years, my love and appreciation for the Air Jordan XI will never subside.

Michael Jordan wears AJ XI Space Jam Versus Orlando

The original hype surrounding the Space Jams was due solely to exclusivity. Though the sneakers were never released, they did see the court in the 1995-1996 playoffs when Michael Jordan decided to break out a prototype pair against the Orlando Magic. (pictured above)

While some sneaker connoisseurs were able to procure their pairs directly from the Nike compound, the masses were left in the dust. Soon the hype died down.

That is, until the movie Space Jam hit theaters and MJ was again caught sporting the exclusive pair.

Naturally, this caused a stir in the sneaker head community. Enough so that when the AJXI was rereleased in 2001, Nike did sneaker heads a solid by re-releasing the Space Jams in retro+ form.

Though the sneakers weren't identical to the pairs rocked by MJ, they were damn close. The shoes dropped and the townspeople rejoiced. Eight years later, the swoosh hopes to enjoy that same success by re-releasing the retro+.

Though some collectors are fuming because their stockpile from 2001 just took a hit, the upcoming release features a few new wrinkles to differentiate the 2001 version. Namely, the tongue accent of JUMPMAN JAM has been replaced with the original JUMPMAN JORDAN logotype.

While this is awesome, it also makes me question the packaging. As you can see from the packaging photos, the box clearly says "JORDAN JUMPMAN". No bueno, no bueno indeed. But I digress, what do you expect from the swoosh?

Enjoy the photos below, courtesy of and

Be sure to click the photos for an enlarged version.

Dope, right? I might just have to break out my 2001 pair to celebrate the release.

Not only will you have to get your mind right and call in favors, but you'll have to get your pockets right... as these hit the counter at a whopping $175. Looking fly ain't always cheap and word is, these will be more limited than the original release in 2001.

I'm not tripping. There are certain kicks I have to get. These happen to be one of those pairs.

Release Date: 11.27.2009
Retail Price: $175


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