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artist spotlight: without you baby, there aint no us

Meet Comenius Roethlisberger and Admir Jahic.

They are two of the many talented cats from The Invisible Heroes. These gents have extensive portfolios featuring more traditional works, but they decided to team up and do something a little different.

That something is a project called, "Without You Baby, There Ain't No Us."

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I'm a hater. A lot of times I get insulted by "artists" and there seemingly never-ending web of bull shit. You shouldn't have to explain art. An artist should never haver to sell themselves or their works to the masses. You develop a piece and let your audience form their own opinion about it. That's how it should work.

That's why I like exhibitions like the ones Comenius and Admir have put together. There's no bull shit here. Just good natured pieces, that most people can make a personal connection with.

I won't say that any of these pieces are life changing. But they are a breathe of fresh air, in what is becoming a growingly predictable class of young artists.

Taking elements of pop-culture and putting your own personal spin on it is always a good look. These dudes have taken that methodology to the next level with their latest collections of YouTube drawings.

What sets these cats apart from the masses, is how they are able to switch up their exhibitions and keep them unique. The way an artist presents their pieces gives them the rare ability to completely control how viewers experience their work. These dudes get that.

Take these photos of their Paris Exhibition for example. For this show, the gents decided to feature the Infamous Star Wars YouTube video.

Each frame of the video has been framed and mounted throughout the studio. Those that could not fit on the walls, were stacked of various heights across the floor. While the actual drawings might not be that impressive, the sheer amount of work necessary to complete this project cannot go unappreciated.

Check out this stop motion film, pieced together from the individually drawn frames. I don't have the time or patience. Good for them.

At their Kuwait Exhibition, the fellas decided to expand and feature numerous pieces. The size and arrangement of the works added some intrigue to the collection, while the pieces mounted on the wall gave viewers a better look at the details.

Same series of works, but a totally different viewing experience. I can definitely dig it.

Check out some of my favorite pieces below. Most have already been sold, but check out Without You Baby for print availability. (note: site is currently down for maintenance)

So there you have it. A couple of dudes decided to do something different and ended up providing a lot of smiles and chuckles to the masses. Can't be mad at that. Not at all.

All you young "artists" take notes. Art doesn't always have to be something so complicated and deep. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think a framed Mosh Girl would look pretty sexy on my wall.

People buy artwork that they have a personal connection with. The red stickers that follow these dudes around tends to support that theory.

Be sure to check out all the homies over at The Invisible Heroes. The collection of talent in their crew is pretty retarded. Rain Man retarded, not Corky retarded.

For more photos and complete project details, hit up Without You Baby. (note: site is currently down for maintenance)


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